Client After Service

Client After Service

Client After Service

Your Original Wills are stored free from fire, flood, theft and free from being tampered with.

Digital Online storage (optional)- fast, secure and easy access via our website. This process allows you to store online copies of your Wills, Finance Sheet and any other documents for your own and executor’s personal records.

Annual contact to review your Wills and Finance Sheet- just simply log in online, review your documents, update your own finance sheet and personal records and let us know your Will updates!

Client After Service

If you become a member of Future Wills you are able to access your Wills online at any time you wish, enabling an easy process for making updates to your documents.

You will have free unlimited amendments.

You will have a Will reference number. For security reasons only you and your Executors will need to know this number and only you and the Executors of the Will can withdraw the Will document from storage.

Wills are withdrawn from storage upon death, your Executors will be required to show identification and a death certificate before receiving your documents. This procedure also ensures you that your Wills are safe with your Executors.

Your Executors will have a complimentary meeting on withdrawal of your Wills to ensure they are confident with how to move forward in dealing with your estate and a free advice line throughout the process.

Please note that your annual payment for these benefits includes all the benefits listed above and that there are no hidden charges now or in the future for the above. If you need to change your Will to a different type of will that creates additional paperwork for us then additional fees may apply. 




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Golden Words From Our Clients

I would like to say a big thank you to Future Wills, after a difficult time I wanted to make a will and take life insurance to protect my 4-year-old son, your consultant was professional, friendly and patient with me start to finish.

Miss L Harrison

My husband was in hospital for several months due to a sudden illness, he had majority of the income going into this account as he would usually ring up and pay the bills or transfer the money across to me. Luckily, Future Wills advised me to have this document in place, I was able to access his bank and make sure all bills were paid on time. One less problem to have at such a difficult time.

Private Client

After years of having go visit my father daily, we decided it was best we move him into a care home, he struggled to manage his bills and couldn’t quite understand the process of what was going on. The fact we have both types of Lasting Power of Attorney enabled us to choose the right home to look after him and we were able sort out his pensions, savings and property in order to fund for his care.

Private Client

My partner sadly had an accident and lost his mental capacity, the fact I was his attorney allowed me to re mortgage our home and sell the property in order to purchase a house to suit his mobility better. I would not have been able to do this without Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

Private Client

I was recommended to set up Lasting Power of Attorney for me and my Wife, I would like to say thank you for the advice. The reason I wish to thank Future Wills, should I ask my wife to prepare such document now, I believe she would not quite understand what is going on. However, this has been taken care of as we set them up whilst we were both happy and willing to prepare for the future.

Private Client

I was under the impression a Lasting Power of Attorney was mainly for people who has lost mental capacity. However, with my arthritis being so bad or not wanting to leave the house on some days. My attorneys can step in and help me with my tasks such as picking up my prescription for me, going to the bank and other physical tasks I struggle with now.

Private Client

I had a Will written over 4 years ago, I saw your new client offer and thought I would take advantage and update mine. I was made to understand why my Will is so important and learnt so much information I didn’t know before. I have recommended Future Wills to all my friends & family.

B Titmas

We saw a Will Writer a long time ago and made Mirror Wills, we decided to see Future Wills to review our current Wills, after a great meeting we decided Mirror Wills wasn’t the suitable option for us and made Protective Property Trust Wills many thanks to Future Wills and their team.

Mr and Mrs Wilson

I was very nervous about making my Will, it was something I put off for many years. However from the first phone call to returning my Will I was made to feel welcome and the service was very professional.

P Greengrass
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